Yes! It is true that iPhone is much more than a phone because it is keep doing such thing that is showing the world their talented side. At first, Apple wasn’t a mobile manufacturing company but they were working in the IT industry for a very long time. They had experience in building an operating system, system software and other such IT related stuff but then Steve Jobs decided to do something new by using all of the knowledge in such a way that can do wonders in people’s life.

It was a difficult task but Apple managed to do it and they produced first iPhone back in April 2007. It was the time when Apple decided to announce that it will be followed by updated versions as well.

Apples used all of their hardware important features that they were making for a very long time and built something that amazed the people all around the world.

As Apple was expert in building flawless hardware that is why they kept a close eye on the internal structure of the iPhone and as a result, fast processing highly capable of doing normal tasks in an enormous speed was the fruit.

The second most amazing thing is the storage capacity of iPhone. It was 5 times than a regular phone and eventually became near to infinity for a regular user. It was the main attraction for the users as in regular phones there was small limited storage that really made them crazy. But with the launch of iPhone, this problem was solved in no time. Now there is no need to delete your important stuff from your phone just because of memory.

People were quite excited with the launch of such sophisticated phone. Many brands faced a massive setback with this launch but for the Apple it was the real time to enjoy the victory.

Steve Jobs really nailed it with his skills, talent and belief of doing something new.

Next thing that makes it different from other is its battery. With the strong battery and a long running time, it was a sparkling coin in dark alley because other phones consume battery really fast but apple stores provide you with the replacement in case of any problem in the battery as well.

Another key feature in iPhone is their responsive touch system. iPhone is basically known for its touch system in common language. People believe that the smoothness of the touch system in iPhone can’t be compared with any other brand. And if you take a closer look then you’ll feel the same.

But we can’t still claim it to be perfect because sometimes android launches something incredible and other time iPhone come up with something extraordinary in it. But in this competition, the benefit is only for the consumer because they are getting much better things and experiencing new levels of comfort and ease and expecting more to come.