Mobile phones are a necessity of time but if we say that it is more than a necessity than it won’t be wrong. You may clearly feel that there was a time when out of 10 only 3 or 4 had mobile phones. But now all of the people around you are having this wonder of technology in their hands. It’s like you can’t spend a moment without it. And it is also serving you all the time. From giving you information to the finding the job and from shopping to finding out a partner mobile phone is always with you and working for you day and night.

There are different categories of mobile phones around you but broadly we can say that there are two major parties, android and Ios. This war is getting heat whenever one of the brands launches something attractive and eye-catching.

Still, no one can meet the level of iPhone as it stood out in all the rows. As it is said that once you use iPhone then you can never use any other mobile ever. If you believe in this fact than do tell us down below in the comments section!

Sticking to the point iPhone is something you can’t get over it. It is an endless argument that who is better and who has more users. There is every kind of people but you can see that iPhone is considered the most luxurious phones that are why everyone dreams of buying it once in their lives.

The cost of the phone really worth it because you’ll have it in your hand and then you won’t need any other gadget anymore!

Right from the beginning Apple is trying to impress the people out there and that is why they are always ready to launch something new with amazing additions all the time.

Colour, shape, design, operating system, in short, all leads it to the point where from you can easily touch the top. Basically, the idea behind iPhone was to introduce a smarter laptop in your hand with a multi-tasking purpose. You can do all in no time by just sliding your finger on the screen.

iPhone rolled out of the curtains in 2007 and now after a decade, they have proved that they are the best when it comes to gadgets. Form their hardware system to their front end they keep it in their mind that “keep it simple” because eventually simple is classy.

Now when you look at iPhone X or other latest numbers of the series they providing you with the best they have and every time they are telling the world that there are a lot more to come. This approach of Apple is leading them to a secure position in the world of IT industry. Some of the people criticize that they are producing identical phones but apple always do something that negates it and shows the world that how hard work can change fate.