Amazon Account Suspension is way more common than you think. Yes, it is your seller account. Yes, it is your product and your sales, but don’t forget that the platform is solely of Amazon. Hence, you play according to their rules and regulations.

Having an online business may seem easy. You get to perform your business activities from the comfort of your home. But even that is full of hurdles and challenges. So, you can fall to into the shackles of Amazon Account Suspension at any time. There are so many rules and regulations and missing one is easy. You can violate rules unknowingly, so one piece of advice to hold on to from this article. When signing up for Amazon, do read the terms and conditions very carefully.

Preventing Amazon Account Suspension

Here are some pointers that will help you prevent your account and profits from Amazon Account Suspension.

  • Review your Amazon Account out of suspension

The easiest way to prevent yourself is to keep reviewing and rechecking your account. Only then you will know if you are headed to the disaster leading to Amazon Account Suspension. By auditing your account, you will get to know about your standing in sales, shipment and order response. If you keep ignoring those charts, you will have nothing to look forward to but Amazon Account Suspension.

  • Don’t get in trouble with customers

Your customers are the main driving force of your seller account at Amazon. If you anger them, you will certainly unleash the wrath of Amazon and will get Amazon Account Suspension in no time. Be attentive to your customer’s feedback, queries, and shipment of orders. They should receive what they see on the site. Simply put, if you want to keep your profits running smoothly, treat your buyers like royalty.

Another golden piece of advice. If you have received an Amazon Account Suspension, NEVER shift the blame of your shortcomings and errors on the customers or Amazon itself. If you do such a mistake, there will be no saving you.

  • Follow their terms and conditions

Well, you have to follow their set of rules, as it is Amazon who is presenting you with the privilege to sell your items and run a business through their platform. Don’t get sneaky and try forging invoices, or product specifications. Do not dare to cheat any other seller’s idea because if you commit any of these sins, it will be considered a violation and you will receive an Amazon Account Suspension. Don’t get greedy and open more than one seller account. There is only one seller account per seller. Keep honest and true to your work and Amazon and you will be out of harm’s way.

  • Keep a keen eye out for competition

Amazon has a standard of performance that is expected of sellers. You need to have out of the box ideas to survive the online business war. Your profits will not skyrocket if 5 more sellers are selling similar products.

Just keep true and in line with their rules and regulations and you not face Amazon Account Suspension.