When you hear the word iPhone the first thing that came into your mind is “it is a phone”. But it is not just a phone it is a complete package for the people out there to use it like a pro photographer or a normal mobile user or to do video editing etc.

But the question is still the same that we can do these things with other phones as well then why iPhone? Yes! It is a valid question so far but the thing is that when Apple designed the iPhone first, the thought behind it to design something that can do multi-tasking and can make people think it like a supercomputer in their hand. This thought was way too much but not impossible. Apple did it in back in 2007 and with such creation, they proved their worth and how much they are better than others.

At that time people clearly felt that there are lots of such things that are not present in other brands. The most important thing that people felt was the touch system of iPhone. It was truly mind-blowing. The touchpad sensors worked like air and sense even the slightest touch. It was the time when people started comparing this touch system with Androids and found out that there is no doubt in the fact that iPhone has much better and faster touch than other phones.

This was the massive hit of Apple as they succeeded to draw people attention towards their brand and that was the basic goal. The next thing that was noticeable was the size and shape of the phone. Back in 2007, there wasn’t any phone with such size and shape but iPhone took the risk and launched a phone with a new shape and cut and as a result of such huge risk, they got lots of appraisal from all over the world.

With the launch of iPhone, the bar was raised really high and it was difficult for Apple as well to maintain the standard. They fell back after sometime when they fail to produce something new in the latest series but then they come up with up to dated versions with much better ideas in it.

The main thing that they updated in iPhone was its operating system. Apple made it work faster than ever and added some amazing features in terms of camera that really was a huge attraction for the users.

The camera of iPhone is the one thing that attracted even professional photographers because the different features of it especially adjusting lens is you may say a final stroke from Apple. It proved that they are updating their phones with amazing things every time.

iPhone has many more features to discuss especially at the back end. From the memory to processor there are lots of things but the basic thing is that all is leading towards a better working iPhone which is a success for Apple in all ways.